I think you misunderstood what I meant =P

Writing error-free code is hard. I did not say that it is easy.

But for SE1 level engineers, that's all they need to strive for and it is easy to assess whether they have managed to do so.

"easy" here refers to the ease of which a tech lead is able to assess whether the SE1 engineer is able to do more than just writing simple code.

As for frameworks - the creation of good processes, testing, and release frameworks should fall under a senior engineer's plate.

Should we fault an SE1 engineer if these processes aren't around? Probably not.

But if said SE1 engineer is able to write error-free code and push for a process and around testing and release, then he or she will progress really quickly into a senior engineer.

This article is intended for tech leads and engineering managers :-) For junior engineers, this article will be helpful in understanding how engineering promotion and progression works. This article is best read in the context of a startup that has raised between $1M USD to $50M USD. …

The SEC protects investors, promotes fairness in the securities markets, and shares information about companies and investment professionals to help investors make informed decisions and invest with confidence.

At the heart of what SEC does is to protect investors and consumers. …

Taken from google images

TLDR; I made a wiki page here to guide anyone who is interested in getting their hands dirty on earning money with decentralized finance.

Traditional finance relies on institutions such as banks to act as intermediaries, and courts to provide arbitration.

DeFi applications do not need any intermediaries or arbitrators…

Xfers has been embarking on various infrastructural projects to meet the increasing demands and loads placed upon our systems. …

To understand the reason for picking Ruby on Rails, we have to turn back time and look at the tech scene in 2012, the era of iPhone 5 / Samsung Galaxy S3.

In 2012,

  • Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, and Ruby took the lead in having the largest developer community
  • GoLang was only…

An interesting conversation was brought up amongst our engineering team on picking a new programming language for a project that will be used to build a highly scalable and transparent payments network. …

Here’s my attempt to piece together all the random chunks of information on SSL and explain it in a manner that a beginner can understand.

To understand how SSL works over the browser, we must first understand how SSL works[1]:

  1. Client says hello to server
  2. Server gives client a certificate…

Different companies has got different metrics when it comes to hiring. At Xfers, we believe that hardworking triumph “smartness” no matter what, and sometimes there isn’t a correlation between an interview performance vs an on the job performance. …

Email spoofing is really easy

Due to the way emails are designed to work, spoofing an email from a domain is surprisingly easy. All you need is a working SMTP server, and a mailing software. …

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